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Ski Touring - Gossarl valley

With its empty slopes, fresh powder snow and rugged mountain scenery, the Grossarl valley is a real magnet for ski touring!

In summer, the area is referred to as the 'valley of the alms', but in winter it should be called 'the valley of ski touring'. Away from the hustle and bustle of the popular slopes, numerous ski tours of varying length are available!

Snow-covered hillsides, glistening ice crystals and the sun's rays warming you - what more could a ski tourer want? The Grossarl valley has 12 small tributary valleys and 2 communities (Grossarl and Huettschlag) and is home to vast alpine pastures and countless mountain peaks with a height of 2000 to 3000 meters.

The most famous ski mountain in the valley is the Kreuzkogel, the highest point in the popular Grossarl/Dorfgastein ski area. The surrounding mountain peaks are much calmer and more tranquil. For example, the namesake "Kreuzeck" is one of the most popular ski touring mountains in Huettschlag. At 2,200 meters, the mountain is a popular tourist destination throughout the winter. The Filzmooshoerndl and Loosbuehel in the Grossarl Ellmau valley are also famous. Later in the Spring, one can visit the Mandl Kogel (located at 2,349 m) and the Keeskogel (2,886 m).

The Tauernchalets are a great starting point for many ski tours! Make a non-binding inquiry today!